We make hazy juicy IPA, soft crisp lagers, and a lot of stuff in between.


Don't pin us to a style, we love to do it all—and we approach each beer with a light touch and a lot of care. 
We brew in small batches, according to season, and with freshness in mind. Beer availability will vary.
You can see what's currently pouring at our Temescal Taproom.


Year-Round Releases

Temescal Hazy

Temescal hazy

Hazy Juicy IPA - 6.5%

Temescal Hazy strikes the right balance of flaked oats and malted wheat creating a lush, fluffy mouthfeel that’s not too heavy. Packed with Mosaic, Simcoe and Citra hops--this is our essential Hazy IPA.


Temescal pils

modern pilsner - 5.0%

A crisp and refreshing Pilsner with pleasant herbal notes from the noble hop, subtle floral esters from a beautiful Lager yeast, and a splash of honeysuckle from the finest German malts.

Rotating Releases


Another go round

hazy IPA - 6.6%

A lush, peachy "Vermont style" hazy IPA that marries the grapefruit, pine, and unique aromas of Simcoe with the stonefruit and tropical aspects of Mosaic.


breezy days

blonde ale - 5.0%

A Temescal staple. The refreshing spicy and herbal notes from the hops blend well with the simple yet deliberate malt bill, water profile, and fermentation for an impossibly smooth blonde ale.


care package

hazy pale ale - 5.8%

Notes of ripe mango, pineapple juice, and grapefruit zest combine with a protein heavy malt bill to create a lush and approachable gift for you to enjoy, the perfect hazy pale ale.



blonde ale - 4.8%

Cat Nap, a blonde Ale with Chamomile, is light, crisp, and clean with some cereal sweetness and a light tea-like spice/herbals.


clean lines

hazy double IPA - 8.3%

Hazy Double IPA with Galaxy and Citra Hops.



single hop IPA - 7.0%

Probably one of our most aromatic beers ever, expect notes of overripe mango, passionfruit, and orange zest. The organic and local Admiral malts continue to amaze us with their exceptional flavor.

guava boat

pale ale w/guava - 5.6%

A tropical cruiser bursting with Guava and Citra hops. Extremely refreshing and lush with notes of overripe mangos, grapefruit peel, and of course guava.


Helles Classic

lager - 4.6%

A wonderfully easy drinking Lager that harmoniously marries the floral and spicy notes of German Noble hops with the breadiness of premium German malt.


juice futures

hazy double IPA - 8.2%

Equal amounts of Mosaic and Australian Vic Secret lend mango, pineapple, and pine to this easy drinking double. Dry hopped twice in order to layer the more fruit forward aromatics derived from dry hopping earlier on in fermentation with the “fresh opened hop bag” from a later dry hop.

Image from iOS (4).jpg

lawn flamingo

tart blonde ale - 5.0%

Lawn Flamingo, our Blonde with Passion fruit and hibiscus, is tart and fruity with a light tannic berry flavor that's oh so refreshing. ⠀

magic hour 2.jpg

magic hour

hazy IPA - 7.0%

A melange of bright and refreshing fruit aromatics make this hazy IPA the perfect sunset beer. Mosaic and Citra provide the oily and gushy tropical fruits their known for, and Chinook adds a wonderful spritz of pink grapefruit zest.


main frame

hazy double IPA - 8.2%

Strata and Citra lend intense aromas of passionfruit and candied orange in this deceptively drinkable juice mortar. We’ve been loving Strata so far and this beer is a perfect example of why.

modern life.jpg

modern life

hazy IPA - 6.1%

Old school Pacific Northwest hops, Vermont-style malt bill and soft water approach, "New" New England IPA level dry hopping (high) and yeast derived peach/apricot esters come together in this modern juice bomb.



single hop IPA - 6.0%

Extremely simple in recipe, process, and execution yet full of complex aromas and flavors, this beer really showcases the versatility of Mosaic and reminds us why it's such a popular hop right now.


mosaic lager

single hop lager - 5.5%

This beer combines two of our favorite things: mosaic hops and lager! A clear and crisp dry hopped lager with thoughtful additions of mosaic throughout. Notes of mango, citrus, and a subtle spicy yeast character. A quaffable beer that’s sure to please both the hoppy and light crowd.


new feeling

hazy IPA - 6.2%

This beer is packed with mango, honeydew, lemongrass, sweet lime, and herbal aromas and a full mouthfeel that plays up the juiciness, while offering a clean and balanced bitterness throughout.



single hop IPA - 6.8%

Admiral Pilsner malt makes up 100% of the malt bill for what’s probably our rarest single hop beer. Loads of over the top classic Nelson character: Sauvignon blanc, gooseberry, and tropical diesel.


parrot vibes

TART blonde ALE - 4.8%

Parrot Vibes is a tart blonde ale just loaded with a ridiculous, squawking pandemonium of juicy passion fruit, orange, and guava.

post coast.jpg


Contemporary IPA - 6.2%

A careful balance of juicy and earthy, this beer has hop aromas of tropical fruit, pine, honeydew, and apricot, supported by a light, soft body, a dry finish, and low bitterness.


secret promise

hazy ipa - 6.6%

A single-hop IPA featuring Vic Secret hops, with bright aromas and flavors of passion fruit and pineapple. We've used Golden Promise malt from Scotland, whose sweet, clean, and robust palate blends nicely with the grassy background notes of the hops.

through the fog.png

Through the fog

scottish ale - 6.5%

Find your way through the fog to our chestnut-hued Scotch ale. Its complex layers of flavor range from toasted bread crust to cola, cocoa to hazelnut. Dark-hued yet light-bodied, it's the beer you want when the cool fog rolls in off the Bay.


times two

hazy IPA - 6.9%

Times Two is highly saturated with that tropical pineapple-and-mango juiciness on your tastebuds—and a smooth, silky feeling in your mouth—from Mosaic hops and a good heaping of oats. With some Amarillo in there for good measure, plus a varied malt bill to keep you on your toes.


wonder why

hazy ipa - 7.5%

A harmonious blend of Citra and Simcoe over an oat heavy grist. Sticky sweet mango from the Citra, zippy grapefruit and feint pine from Simcoe, and a soft, wispy mouthfeel from the oats and extra soft water profile.


Annual Releases


left brain right brain.jpg

Left brain

west coast ipa - 6.8%

Aromas and flavors of overripe yellow tropical fruits with some subtle citrus and pine. Dry and more bitter than our IPAs in the past, but still balanced by malt body and water profile.

left brain right brain.jpg

Right Brain

hazy ipa - 7.1%

Really a clinic on what makes Hazy beers different than West Coast IPA. Very potent stonefruit esters and globs of chewy and velvety protein heavy malts bring the juice. Still all the overripe yellow tropical fruit aromas and subtle citrus/pine from the hops.



Anniversary IPA

Each year we pull out all the stops to brew a very special IPA for our June birthday.


together again

pale ale - 5.6%

Our annual pale ale release raising funds for ALS research, this beer features a changing bill of hops specially blended for each year's fundraiser.



Crowd Favorite

hazy ipa - 6.9%

An explosive IPA for the masses featuring Mosaic, Citra, Simcoe, and Amarillo. A simple malt bill of Rahr 2-Row with just enough light crystal malt to provide some body and a touch of sweetness to support the hop oils. Booming aromas of orange zest, guava, passionfruit, and lychee are sure to please!



Your favorite jerks

hazy ipa - 6.9%

A large addition of Citra and Simcoe Cryo Pellets in the dry hop over a malt bill of 2-row and flaked oats make this beer assertive like the folks behind the bar at the most legendary beer bar in the Bay Area. Expect aromas of overripe mango and papaya from this timeless hop pairing.



love is love

hazy ipa - 6.0%

A soft and lush hazy IPA with notes of mango, canteloupe, and orange zest. A lot of oily sweetness from both the hops and flaked oats but dry and bitter enough to keep it balanced on the palate.



festbier - 5.4%

Traditional German malts from Weyermann Maltsters in Bamberg, Germany are the star of our annual Oktoberfest release, balanced by modest amounts of classic noble hop varieties. Aromas of out-of-the-oven sourdough and toasted graham cracker with subdued floral notes from the yeast and hops.



spooky puppy

hazy ipa - 6.2%

Spooky Puppy is a tropical, citrusy hazy IPA that's full of oats—meaning it's even fluffier and softer than your poodle after a bath.⠀


side dish.jpg

side dish

hazy ipa - 6.4%

Side Dish features Mosaic, Motueka, and Idaho 7 hops over a base of Rahr 2-Row and 20% malted white wheat. This beer gives off tons of dried peaches, guava, and lime from the hops and a nice fluffy texture from the wheat malt. It's fermented slightly warmer but with the fruity aromas kept in balance.




New Years brut ipa - 7.3%

A Mosaic and Motueka hopped Brut IPA with notes of guava, mango, and orange zest, and higher carbonation for heightened effervescence.